Here are testimonials from some lovely people Lise has worked with:

Lise is an incredible asset to any business. She will happily work on her own initiative but is also a great team player and superb mentor. She’s accurate, ordered and extremely hard-working. She’s got a superb visual sense as well as good writing skills. Her vast experience on a variety of publications and websites means she can turn her hand to anything. And the fact that she ran her own magazine for many years means she has a total grasp of business needs as well.
Bev Hadgraft, ex-Editor of That’s Life!, journalist at WahooCreative and author of theunstoppables.org

A good writer can be hard to come by. Whether it be in print or online, each publication has a particular writing style and layout to adhere to, and many writers can struggle jumping between publications and keeping styles consistent. Then there’s Lise Taylor. As well as her expert sub-editing, Lise’s writing talent is, quite simply, perfection. Each story, profile and feature she puts together is beautifully written, well researched, includes relevant expert commentary along with supplied imagery, and is always handed in well before the deadline. Lise has no issue with putting together a complete feature or story in a matter of days, whereas most freelance writers will need two weeks or more – and with her subbing skills her work is flawless and with few to no changes necessary. I can highly recommend Lise for any writing work – on the proviso that she continues writing for my magazines!
Selina Gordevich, ex-Editor of Modern Home, Coastal Home and Landscaping Your Garden

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